Christmas for Kids in Mercado Colón

Christmas at the Mercado Central; the events described are at the Mercado Colón

The rain is depressing, but if you have kids, you can distract them from the weather with the holiday program at Mercado Colón.

Every day until January 6th (save Christmas and New Year’s Day), there is something exciting for children, taking place in the Mercado. Today, Santa is receiving kids from 10-14. I wonder… does he say “ho-ho-ho” in Spanish, too?

Other highlights a tribute to High School Musical on the 26th at 18:30, The Adventures of Pinocchio with puppets at noon on Sunday, a magic show at noon on the 31st, and a clown show at noon on the 2nd. The full list of activities can be found (in Spanish) here: Programa Mercado Colón PDF

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