Jan 22nd – Holiday of San Vicente Mártir

You’ll probably have noticed that the stores in Valencia are closed again today. The reason this time is the celebration of San Vincente Ferrer, the city’s patron saint. This is a festival for just the city of Valencia — outside the city nucleus, life continues as normal.

The main event of the day is a procession at noon from the Cathedral, down C/ La Paz. Appropriate to the veneration of a martyr, this is a solemn affair, not musical or lively.

Last year, we wrote a longer article about the history of San Vicente Mártir, with a lot of pictures from the parade. If you unsure about whether to attend today’s event, check it out!

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  1. adomon

    Dear folks, January 22nd is San Vicente Martir, IV Century, Saint Patron od Valencia city
    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vincent_of_Saragossa
    You can see the real San Vincent uncorrupted arm in Valencia Cathedral.
    (your post in 2009 was correct … don’t lose your good shape!)

    San Vicente Ferrer, XV Century is the Saint Patron of the Valencian Comunity
    It’s celebrated the Monday following to Eastern Monday

  2. valencia blog

    Hello Adomon,

    you are right. We fixed it, thank you for the comment. There are just too many Vicentes here in Valencia 🙂

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