Our Trip to Granada

At the end of January, Jürgen and I took our first major Spanish road trip, and we chose to visit Granada. After almost two years in Spain, this was the first time we’d really explored anything outside of the Valencian Community. But we’re going to do so more often, because we had an incredible time in Granada.

Our stay was just 5 days, but we packed it full and saw a lot of what the city and province have to offer. Even though this is the Hola Valencia blog, we’re going to be writing about our Granadino experiences over the next couple weeks, and sharing some of the pictures we took of the extremely picturesque city.

Our Trip in a Nutshell

Granada is about 5 hours away from Valencia by car, which makes it an ideal trip for a long weekend. We stayed in Casa de Federico, which has good prices (and very small rooms) in a great area of town, within 2 minutes of the Cathedral.

The universal response among our friends & neighbors upon hearing our destination was one of jealousy. Everyone loves Granada, and though I might not choose to live there (hills! students! cold!) I would return to visit in a heartbeat.

We’ll still be blogging about Valencia, but for the next few weeks expect the site to indulge in a bit of Andalusian flair!

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