VEO 2010 – Valencia’s Open Theater

Now in its 8th year, VEO — València Escena Oberta — is taking to the streets once again, from February 10th to 21st. It’s become a fairly popular event on the calendar, as various locations around the city are used as the stage for modern, and often bizarre, theater pieces.

No Man’s Land
House of Monsters

One interesting highlight looks to be No Man’s Land, by Dutch artist Dries Verhoeven, which is set in Valencia’s main train station. “Spectators” receive an audio guide which details the travails of an immigrant and leads them around. Another is Obludarium by the Czech Forman Brothers. That translates as “House of Monsters”, and it sounds like it’ll be a crazy blend of fantasy and cabaret, inside a tent in a corner of the Viveros Gardens.

Tickets to nearly all the shows are €11, which I’m pretty sure is a price hike compared to previous years, perhaps due to the crisis. And we enjoyed a couple neat free outdoor performances the last couple years, but I don’t see anything similar in this edition.

Anything you’re especially looking forward to?

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