Fallas 2010: Mascletà March 4th

Mascletàs are back on the menú. After yesterday’s was cancelled due to inclement weather, we had to wait 48 HOURS for the next blast. Aching from the nervous tics of withdrawal, we showed up to the Ayuntamiento three hours early, unshowered and skinny as junkies, and boxed each other’s ears until the fireworks finally started. It was a moderately good mascletà from Caballer FX, a newish company that had never before staged a show for Fallas. Not incredible, but good enough until our next fix.

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  1. adomon

    Great recording!
    I have seen several versions of recorded mascletas and yours is the best.
    If I can’t have the dose of the “real” thing I have a substitute with Internet videos.

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