Fallas 2010: Mascletà March 5th


Today’s mascletà was insanely loud. I don’t know what happened; I thought I was just being whiny and sensitive, but when I looked around, everyone else in the crowd had blood gushing out of their ears, too. It was crazy… as if they used some different kind of gunpowder. “Bastard Brand Gunpowder: Damage Guaranteed!”


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  1. valencia blog

    Rita cracks me up – you kind of have to love her.

  2. Martijn

    Damn, seems like you guys will visit every single mascleta; I envy you…
    Would be cool to see some recordings of mascletas in the neighbourhoods during the festival itself. As the narrow streets can make even more intense. Only too bad that the video does not really do any justice to the real thing, if only for the fact you can’t really feel the explosions…

  3. RIcardo Lozano

    Woooooooowwwwwww… Se ve que esa mascletà fue alucinante, el año pasado estuve en Fallas en Valencia y fue una experiencia única. Pues que lo disfruten y un saludo muy afectuso a Valencia desde México.

  4. valencia blog

    @Matijn – yeah, every year we are like – nah, this year we don’t have to run to every single Mascletà. Yeah, yeah and both are agreeing. Then March first rolls around and here we are again, hehe.

    We were at a “mini” Mascleta last year:


    Too intense for us. That was right after last year’s ultimo Mascletà … way too much! But would love to take pics and vids of them … but my ears. Might going to buy me some pro ear protection for these. But then I will look like a looser… sigh 😉

    and @RIcardo Lozano

    glad you liked the video … come back soon for Fallas, maybe next year?

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