Fallas 2010: Events for March 13th

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Got any plans today? I sure hope not! And if you’re well rested, that’s even better. Make yourself a healthy breakfast, because you’ll need the energy for today.

Before we start with the rundown of today’s events, some interesting news: Cuba-Literato Azorín won this year’s Fallas street light competition.  Well deserved and their win will hopefully mean even crazier street lights for Fallas 2011, as Sueca-Literato Azorín attempts to regain their crown.

Here are the day’s main events.  It bears saying that in every neighborhood of the city, there will be smaller events all weekend long – from mobile discotheques to sing-along playback competitions, from street paella to mini-processions. We recommend picking up a local paper – Levante or Las Provincias – because the list of events is overwhelming.

  • Mascletà at 2pm
  • Moors and Christian parade at 7pm
  • Cabalgata Folklórica at 10:30 pm C/ Paz, Ayuntamiento, C/ Játiva
  • Mascletà de Colores after the parade in Ayuntamiento (some say at 11:30pm some say at 1am – does anyone have more info?)

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  1. Pappy Powell

    Very concerned ! For whatever reasons, my wife and I are leaving beautiful, warm Kentucky for Valencia next Tuesday. The people in your pics are all wearing heavy winter clothes. We want to visit southern Spain….not Finland !! Should we pack Arctic Wear ? Also, what type of ear plugs/muffs do you recommend ? Thx.

  2. AJS

    Most locals wear these 24/7 http://tinyurl.com/ygal9dd
    They just know to take them off when the really tall German guy is around taking pictures.

  3. Pappy Powell

    Dear AJS…..many thanks for your suggestion! I’ve (express overnight) ordered 2 of these helmet/mask/muff combo outfits. Now, we’ll be able to get really close to the mascletas without suffering too much more brain damage. Yea, I’ve heard about that scary German guy. I think he has a shady American side-kick who carries all his camera stuff. we’ll be on the lookout. Again, thx for the help…..and warning.

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