Fallas 2010: Almirante Cadarso – 3rd Place

Continuing our look at the special section monuments of Fallas 2010, we arrive at the Canovas corner of Almirante Cadarso and Conde de Altea. A fat cat in a leather chair, sipping champagne and his two smoking lady friends straight out of the roaring 20s ask us, “Crisis? What Crisis?”


The theme was money; corruption and riches. The “galácticos” of Real Madrid arriving on a red carpet in a limousine. A huge tiger rug under the fat cat’s chair. Cops looking the other way. An abundance of money, enjoyed by a few while the rest of us suffer under the world’s financial crisis.

It was a great monument, which we chose to see go up in flames on the night of the cremà. Funny, artistic and timely. Their bronze medal was an improvement on 2009’s fifth place finish, and richly deserved.


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  1. Pappy Powell

    Although still in intensive care after barely surviving our 1st Fallas “experience”, I am shocked to see (like….duh, huh, what?) pics of this awesome creation I failed to notice while in awe for an hour taking pics and video. Muchas Grats ! At the moment, the thought of another Death March brings on further waves of foot,back, and every other body part pain, maybe by next year we’ll be ready to give it another go….in motorized wheelchairs. Ole’

  2. Iowa Tom

    Mr. Pappy Powell,

    We, myself, 66, and wife 63, also survived Las Fallas. Not everyone could/should or want to do it. At least 18 hours a day of walking and waiting. Your son, Michael and his friend, does a wonderful job of covering Fallas and Valencia and I am very pleased with their sharing experiences with us on their Hola Valencia website. Yes, I also experienced very sore feet, but it was worth it. It was our second time to Las Fallas. It’s one of the world’s greatest celebrations, but don’t tell anyone, ’cause we don’t want the town to get over-crowded with tourists, do we?
    See you there next year.

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