Valencia Gets Two Top-Flight Teams Next Year

Congratulations to Levante UD, who beat Castellón on Saturday to seal their spot in the top Spanish league next year. Which means soccer fans here will have twice as many chances to watch the sport at its highest level… I hope that Real Madrid and Barcelona enjoy Valencia, cause they’ll each be visiting it twice next season.

On a related note… what exactly is up with Valencian soccer “fans”? I have never seen a people so utterly disinterested in the World Cup, and that includes the USA! Yesterday, I was at a bar watching the Netherlands defeat Denmark and, although the place was full, I was literally the only one paying any attention. Even after a goal, no one looked up. Even the guy wearing a soccer jersey! It’s been that way in every bar I’ve been to … the only people watching the games are foreigners. The Spaniards couldn’t care less. They even seem to be making a little show of how much they don’t care.

What is that?

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  1. Fernando

    I’m afraid you got your answer yesterday, don’t you?

    Watching a match is a social event, for meeting with friends, drink and eat… we have to admit that, in general terms, football is a boring sport… so you will only see valencian people paying attention if it’s a Valencia match (and if they are not strong supporters, only versus FCB, RMCF or a final), or a world cup match. An Uruguay vs Italy match is not interesting for a majority…

  2. valencia blog


    Thank you for for the comment – this just seems very strange to us. In Germany, when the World Cup is on everyone is trying to watch as many games as possible. It doesn’t matter really what countries are playing. The streets are packed with outdoor screes, TV just set on the sidewalk, public viewing. Just got back from the US and I must say that even the soccer shy n.Americans are mot world cup nuts. It was just a surprise to us because in general it seems like Spain would be a soccer nation.

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