Open Air Films at the Jardines del Palau

Get ready for yet more open-air, original version cinema in Valencia, courtesy of l’IVAC-La Filmoteca and l’Aula de Cinema de la Universtat de Valencia. This time, the films are being shown at the Jardines del Palau de la Música (location)…

And the program is great! It’s like a master class in Cinema Classics… Godard, Lubitsch, Fellini, Wilder, Tarantino, Bergman. Every genre is covered, from animation (Ratatouille) to art house (Seventh Seal). In our day jobs, we run a popular film website and can verify that every movie in this program is worth seeing.

It runs from July 28th to September 7th. The films start at 11pm and entry is €3 (or you can get 10 entrances for €20).

Here’s the full lineup. I’ve listed the English names of the films, but keep in mind that everything is being shown in OV, with Spanish subtitles. Feel free to bookmark this page, for easy reference!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Jul 28 Jul 29 Jul 30 Jul 31 Aug 1 Aug 2 Aug 3

France, 1973

USA, 1939

American Gangster
USA, 2007
Aug 4 Aug 5 Aug 6 Aug 7 Aug 8 Aug 9 Aug 10

France, 1959

Sullivan’s Travels
USA, 1941

The 400 Blows
France, 1959
Aug 11 Aug 12 Aug 13 Aug 14 Aug 15 Aug 16 Aug 17

The Seventh Seal
Sweden, 1956

La Soledad
Spain, 2007

Be Kind, Rewind
USA, 2008
Aug 18 Aug 19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24

Argentina, 2007

Planet Terror
USA, 2007

Death Proof
USA, 2007
Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31

Germany, 1982

Arsenic and Old Lace
USA, 1944

USA, 2007
Sep 1 Sep 2 Sep 3 Sep 4 Sep 5 Sep 6 Sep 7

La Notte
Italy, 1961

Some Like It Hot
USA, 1959

There Will Be Blood
USA, 2007

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