Tapas Festival in Benimaclet

Last night, we went to the Tapas Festival in Benimaclet. Man, what a chore.


“Haha”, you’re thinking. “As though going to a festival with cheap beer and food could be anything but wonderful. We’re choking on the irony”.


But I’m not being ironic! Going to the tapas festival was an absolute chore. The tickets cost €5 and allowed you to have 3 drinks and two tapas. Sounds good, but actually getting the tickets required the patience of a Tibetan monk. The line was at least 13 kilometers long.


And the people selling tickets… man, I cannot understand what is so difficult about “(1) Take €5, (2) Give Ticket”. There were four dazed, bewildered workers in the booth, only one of whom was actually doing anything. My heart about popped out of my chest when a woman with dreadlocks forcefully butted in front of me, gave her friend the ticket seller a kiss on the cheek, and got her ticket without waiting. And then the ticket seller gave me attitude! I’m sorry, was my hatred for your oily friend really that apparent? Just give me the ticket.


And that turned out to be the easy part. This was the most disorganized, chaotic “festival” we’ve ever been to in Valencia. Getting a beer took around 45 minutes. They had one keg, which only sputtered foam. There was one wine stand. No lines, just masses of aggressive people (all as frustrated as we were) pushing their way forward.


So what can I say? The food was great and the deal is probably impossible to beat. It would’ve been great fun if (a) we’d come earlier, (b) were drunk before arriving, and (c) had a slave to wait in all the lines for us. Next year, we’ll have to arrange that.

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  1. VaRyAmO

    The problem is that each year it is more and more crowded and they are not prepared for that and they were also selling the tickets fucking slowly. The lines for the tickets and the beer sucked, but i think the other things were okay, and the food great. There were another tickets with 3 tapas and 2 drinks for the same price, and they were also selling tickets at the end of the street, but all the people stayed at the beginning.
    I was lucky because living on that street i went to buy the tickets as soon as they opened.
    You have been living here for long, you have to know, no lines in Spain! Haha. Hope next year they improve some things. 🙂

  2. Antje

    Does that happen every year?

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