What a glorious finale to an incredible month of soccer. Last night, all of Spain collapsed in an ecstatic fit when Andrés Iniesta slammed home his winning goal in extra time. Spain is the best country in the world. I mean that. The best country in the world.

Yo Soy Espanol

It’s as though the tournament had been scripted! The Spaniards weren’t just the World Cup’s best team, but the classiest. Fair play and a beautiful passing game have come to define La Roja. They’re also the bestlooking team in the world. Hands down. And in the Netherlands, they had an almost comically villainous opponent — the dirty-playing, karate-kicking, flopping, petulant Dutch.

They were the good guys. Spain deserved to win. And then, they did! THEY WON! When the tension couldn’t possibly have gotten any more unbearable, Andrés Iniesta freed his country from a legacy of defeat. Spain is the best country in the world.

Check out our awesome video of the celebration at Café Burlón in Valencia, and afterwards at Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Congratulations Spain! You richly deserve this victory. And, although I’m not a native, I hope you don’t mind me singing along… ¡Yo soy español, español, español!

¡Yo soy español, español, español!

Valencia Spain Weltmeister

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"Spain: The Best Country in the World" was published on July 12th,2010 and is listed in Photography, Sports, Video.

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  1. World Cup Reactions from Valencia, Spain wrote,

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  2. gemma wrote,

    thanks so much for your comments. I am proud of you too. Your blog is more than good and your avatar is superb!!!

  3. So feiert Spanien, die schönsten Fotos.... - CB-INFO.com das Branchenbuch der Costa Blanca wrote,

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  4. aya el tio wrote,

    wait, spain is cool and that (they got also IBIZAAAA), but don’t slap the dutch in the face. Netherlands is a magnificent place and i want to move there. they lost with Spain (both had a great game), but still in amsterdam 150 thousand people were celebrating in the streets with armin van buuren playing massive banging house hit “one” in front of all those people. dont bash, enjoy 😉
    saludos desde gringolandia

  5. Asturias wrote,

    Nice blog! I totally agree!!
    Spain is the best in almost all sports.
    Cool pics too!
    And the dutch were thugs. That’s just how it is.
    The worst is that all the dutch said that they lost because the bad referee howard webb.
    If he did his job right the netherlands would have been down to 8 men before half time!
    They are very bad losers I’ve lived some years in Holland. Losing just doesn’t exist in their vocabulary!

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