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Reactions from Valencia’s 3rd F1 Race

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In a day that also so Germany crush England in the World Cup, 4-1, German Sebastian Vettel raced past the competition in the European Grand Prix, including second-place Lewis Hamilton of England.

Photo Credit: Julio G Milat

The first two races at the Valencia Street Circuit were roundly derided as boring by racing fans, but did that change for the better this year? Here’s a quick round-up of reactions from around the web:

The BBC’s Andrew Benson was impressed:

For the first time in its short history, the Valencia track produced a thrilling grand prix but the irony is that in doing so a potentially even better one – in terms of the battle for the lead – was lost.

But the Bleacher Report disagrees:

[Many] will argue that the Webber crash alone made this race at least a little exciting. However, whilst I agree the incident was indeed tense (and thank God both Webber and Kovalainen walked away safely), the resulting safety car actually made the race even more boring than it otherwise would have been.

The consensus seems to be however, that this year’s race was a lot better than previous editions. But was Red Bull the winner or the loser?

The race at Valencia was a very exciting one with the Red Bulls getting back in business. Vettel proved himself once again as he converted his pole to a victory in Valencia. But his partner Webber had a disappointing race as he crashed into Kovalainen and his crew flew into the side wall.

At least one team wasn’t happy at all… take it away, Ferrari:

“A scandal, that’s the opinion of so many fans and employees who are all in agreement: there is no other way to describe what happened during the European Grand Prix. The way the race and the incidents during it were managed raise doubts that could see Formula One lose some credibility again, as it was seen around the world.”

Here’s Webber’s crash, if you missed it. Thank God nobody was hurt.

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June 28, 2010 at 2:25 pm Comments (6)

DTM Racing in Valencia

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We just arrived home from a week in Germany, spent visiting friends and family. My head is swimming with all things sauerkraut, sausage and hefeweizen, so I was amused to see that Valencia is hosting an event for DTM, the German touring car championship, this weekend. I thought I had escaped die Deutschen, but no luck — Valencia will be swimming with them this weekend.

Taking place at Cheste’s Ricardo Tormo circuit, the race is a warm-up for next month’s Formula 1 event. Ralf Schumacher (aka, the “other” Schumacher) is among the 18 drivers who’ll be present and zipping the touring cars at speeds of over 300km/h around the track.

Tickets start at just €5, so if you like racing but can’t stomach shelling out hundreds of Euros for the Formula 1, this might be just the thing for you. The event’s ten races take place on the 21st – 23rd of May.

More information at

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May 18, 2010 at 2:16 pm Comment (1)

Schumacher Is NOT Racing in Valencia

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Why am I not all that surprised?

Photo: schumigirl1956

According to Motorsport-Magazin (German), Michael Schumacher has canceled his eagerly anticipated return to the Formula 1, and will not race in Valencia on August 23rd.

Of course, the Schumi effect already helped organizers sell almost twice the number of tickets as had previously been sold. This cancellation is likely to fuel a lot of disillusion and anger with those people who were sold the chance to see a bit of racing history.

One thing is for sure — this is terrible news for Valencia, at a time when no more is needed.

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August 11, 2009 at 7:53 am Comments (7)

Michael Schumacher in Valencia!!

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*Update: Schumi will be NOT racing in Valencia

For our German speaking readers: Tipps zum Michael Schumacher Rennen in Valencia


Photo: Christian Janke

Finally a bit of great news for Valencia! The legendary Michael Schumacher is stepping in for Ferrari and will be racing in the city’s Formula 1 race, held on August 23rd.

Just like that, Valencia will be hosting the most anticipated F1 race in years. Even I, who could care less about racing, am excited about it! Ticket sales for the race, which had been stagnating, are now sure to get a boost. Who needs stinking Alonso?!

Information on tickets is available on the official webpage fo the Fomula 1 in Valencia, via Corte Ingles or Bancaja. When everything is already sold out (which will happen quickly, if it hasn’t already), then Ebay might be able to help! Valencia Formula 1 Tickets.

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This is exciting! Schumacher is one of the most famousus sportsmen in the world, and Valencia has really been blessed with a stroke of luck.

Photographer Valencia

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July 30, 2009 at 9:24 am Comments (7)