Random Images Around Calle de la Nave

It’s time again for an other set of random images from Valencia. The city surprises me every single day.


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  1. Pablo Pappy

    Somewhat interesting, very random pics. You need to pay more attention to the shaded background, and maybe adjust your f-stop a notch or two. Contact 3 Pt.MagicMan for info on reasonably priced seminars available in your area at SkunkHollow@masterlens.com.

  2. valencia blog

    LOL, so far best Pablo Pappy comment ever.

  3. Mr. Bigby

    The picture of the building with the Yoga Clinic on the bottom floor may be one of my favorite Juergen pics of all time. I hope Juergen took it. If it was Michael, I take it all back.

  4. valencia blog

    No reason to take anything back – I took it 😉 Thank you for the compliment – loving it.

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