Moon over Valencia

Moon over Valencia-2
Moon over Valencia-1

I took these pictures last night … but let’s see if I can get better shots of the moon tonight. These are nice, but came out a little too shaky.

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  1. chinetta


  2. Pappy Powell

    …and, exactly why were your pictures shakey?? Mucho vino?? Chucky growing fangs and jerking at her leash?? Distracted because Michael was whinning about wanting more food?? Anyway, can’t wait to see photo shoot #2.

  3. Sepho

    Hi! I took this picture the same night at you, from my bedroom. You can see here:

    Valencia have the most beautiful moon.

  4. valencia blog

    Pappy Powell – sorry disappoint you but there was no moon last night. Not sure where it went.

    Sepha, welcome to Hola Valencia. That moon just was just breathtaking. Great shot too. Also, feel free to share with us your Valencia tips on restaurants, bars, things to do or anything else.

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