Agua de Valencia – Perfect Summer Drink

Agua de Valencia is an extremely popular drink here, taking advantage of one Valencia’s prime exports — oranges.

I ordered it at an outdoor bar recently and instantly fell in love. “I’m going to find out how to make this as soon as I get home!”

Agua de Valencia
1 cup (18cl) freshly squeezed orange juice
1 bottle (70cl) sparkling, semi-dry wine
1/2 cup vodka
10 cl of gin
Sugar to taste
Refrigerate for a couple hours (or ice)

If you’re like me, you’re looking at that recipe thinking … wine, vodka and gin?! Sounds like a winner!

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  1. Mr. Bigby

    I recently travelled through the Midwest of U.S.A. and came across a similar drink they called Aqua de la Springfield. It is 3 parts Korski discount vodka and 1 part Diet 7 up. It can be iced or one can drink it at room temperature, and when the air conditioner is out and the electric bill hasn’t gotten paid, the summer tradition is to drink it hot. The key is that drinking it in very large gulps and wincing after every big swallow, one gets drunk after a single serving!

  2. Pappy Powell

    If this formula is accurate, which I seriously doubt, it truly is a Death Wish. Even a life long serious drinker would experience a 16 year coma, followed by 9 years of a drooling, babbling, vegetated state. I’m in year 7, but still wear diapers and spend long joyful hours staring at tree bark.

  3. valencia blog

    Powells scare me … once in a while! 😉

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