Classic Sports Cars at Las Atarazanas

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Las Atarazanas of El Grao, close to the harbor, provide a fascinating look back on medieval Valencia. They served as shipyards, for the storage and and construction of boats, and date from the late 14th century, a time in which El Grao was its own fortified city, existing separately from Valencia. The building’s structure is typical of medieval Valencian architecture, consisting of a wooden roof atop 5 large arches. Inside, another series of perpendicularly-set arches allow movement throughout the building.

Las Atarazanas are a beautifully-perserved symbol of 14th century Valencia’s maritime prominence, and were built by the ruling Moors. Today, they have been restored and serve as an cultural center.

The current exhibition in Las Atarazanas is about classic sports cars. About 40 automobiles in perfect condition from the 1930s to the 60s are on display, with models from major companies like Ferrari to elite brands such as Bugatti. The show is a must for any racing fan — assuming that there are any left over in the city from the past weekend’s F1 race — and will run until September 14th. Check out some pictures:

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  1. Carles


    There have been a while since the last time I wrote you.

    I’m really amazed with the work you are doing here… you know my city better than me….

    It’s very refreshing see my homeland throug other place people’s eyes, so nice, really.

    Well I tryed a Restaurant last weekend and I want to recommend it to you. Is very near to La Plaza de la Reina, that you Know. The name is Creperie Bretonne Annaick. The address is: Bordadores, 6 phone 963 153 524.


    Hope you’ll like it

    See you arround

  2. Pappy Powell

    It would be so nice if you could ever earn a few extra Euro’s and buy your poor Pappy on of these Classics. Ummm, I think the orange one with wings would do nicely. Muchas Gratzi

  3. Claudio


    I’m really curious to know where you find all of these info.
    I’ve been here for a while and still can’t even find out when things are going on.

    Anyway, do you know the opening times of the expo?


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