Gandía Blasco – Design at the Puente del Mar

Gandia Blasco Valencia-1
Gandia Blasco Valencia-7

As part of the week-long Habitat Festival in Valencia, design studio Gandía Blasco has installed a selection of their simple, futuristic furniture around the pond underneath the Puente del Mar.

Gandia Blasco Valencia-2

Although it looks as though it’s set up to be an after-hours lounge, it’s apparently just meant to be a showroom for Gandía Blasco‘s creations. Opportunity missed, I’d say, though I can sympathize that they might not want their expensive furniture ruined by some drunk British girl’s vomit.

Gandia Blasco Valencia-6
Gandia Blasco Valencia-4

Still, it’s worth walking by at night, when everything is wonderfully illuminated. The furniture truly is beautiful… Hurry, though, the exhibit is only running through tomorrow, Sept. 26th. Their website is nice to look at too, by the way, though the contact form is broken. Grrr… I hate über-designed websites that are heavy on flash & can’t do the simple things all websites should do. Maybe that’s just me.

Gandia Blasco Valencia-3

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