Festival of Pyrotechnics

Festival of Pyrotechnics Valencia-6

As the clock struck midnight, the celebrations for the Day of the Valencian Community were kicked off in the only way Valencians know how to kick things off: with a loud, lengthy display of fireworks.

The show, organized by the city, was spectacular. For forty minutes, over 2700 kilograms of gunpowder were shot into the air. The show was divided into two 20 minute acts. The first was under the direction of Valencia’s Pirotecnia Caballer, and the more insane and unique second act was put on by China’s Hunan Marterello Ningxiang Fireworks, who had been invited by the city to participate. The grand finale of the Chinese performance was outrageous… Well, check out the video yourself:

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Festival of Pyrotechnics Valencia-7
Festival of Pyrotechnics Valencia-4
Festival of Pyrotechnics Valencia-2
Festival of Pyrotechnics Valencia-3

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  1. Pappy Powell

    Outstanding!! thank you! So, have you figured out why the Spanish soooo crave fireworks and festivals? All we get in America is the bombing of Wall Street and the Shock and Awe of our idiot politicians. Help!!

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