Fallas Fireworks 2009: March 16th

The second night fireworks got underway at Paseo de la Alameda at the early hour of 1:30 in the morning on Monday night.  And, once again, it didn’t disappoint.  Thousands of people, mostly younger kids with two liters of Fanta and half-empty bottles of liquor, gathered around to watch the show.

Minutes before the show started, the crowd behind us suddenly began screaming and pushing forward.  Some hilarious jokesters were shooting fire torches from the river bed into the crowd.  It was kind of dangerous, but luckily it stopped once the show began.  Only to resume, of course, immediately after the fireworks were done. It freaked us out, but the Spaniards around us just took it in stride, even laughing as they sprinted away from the danger.  Confirming my theory: Valencians are nuts.

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