Exposición: The Monuments of Fallas 2009

4th Place: Anem de Festa

Partying was the theme of Exposición-Micer Mascó’s gigantic monument this year, although when the prizes were given out, the Fallas commission probably didn’t feel much like dancing. Their sights had been set on something higher than 4th place.

Exposicion-Micer Masco 2009
Exposicion 2009

We felt, though, that the ranking was probably correct. There was a lot of detail in this monument, and a lot to see. Amy Winehouse and Barack Obama — those two foreigners who showed up in so many monuments — made an appearance here as well. We saw a huge “Milka” cow, and a whole lot of funky people partying down.


Exposición enjoys one of the most spacious lots of all the Fallas monuments, and they certainly use it to their advantage. The size and breadth of detail was amazing, and with perhaps a bit more humor and originality, they could probably have walked off with the trophy.

Falla Exposición: Official Website

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