Museo Taurino – Bullfighting Museum


Tucked into the passageway of Dr. Serra on the eastern side of the Plaza de Toros, you might happen across the little Museo Taurino. Even if you just have 15 minutes to spare, it’s worth ducking inside.


15 minutes because the museum is tiny, worth it because it’s free.

We went earlier this week with my dad, who had been disappointed that there were no bullfights in the city during his two-week stint. So instead, we contented him with the museum.

The permanent museum exhibition is little more than a single hall, with portraits, costumes and information about the history of bullfighting in Valencia. From the 1800’s to the present day, you can learn about the acts of a bullfight, the costumes of the toreros and the personal histories of many famous toreros. I had no idea so many died by goring.

All of the information is presented in English, as well as Valencian and Castellano. It makes an adequate, free consolation prize for any vacationers who’d been hoping to see a bullfight in person. If you go, make sure to do so on a day without rain, and you’ll be able to walk around the Plaza de Toros as well. We were denied this pleasure by weekend rain.

Museo Taurino: Website

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  1. Sue

    When it is possible to see the bullfight in Valencia, plz?

  2. valencia blog

    The main bullfight season in Valencia is during Fallas and Feria de Julio but there are 2 fights in May as well ( on the 9th and 10th). You can either buy tickets here: or just walk up to the arena. Don’t forgot between 2 and 5 pm is siesta time.

  3. mike berrill

    Por favor, estoy buscando por una corrida de torros en Valencia o Sevilla o Granada or ? ……entre el domingo, 27 de Junio hasta el 4 de Julio, 2010. No puedo encontrar una lista de fechas. Se pueden ayudarme? Gracias por algun ayudo. mike

  4. Dale Pierce

    Have covered some of the contents of this museum in my own articles and some books in English, related to Granero, Fabrilo, etc….I have a preference for the bullfight museum in Madrid, but……

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