Sorolla’s “Vision of Spain” Returns to Valencia

After a massively successful stay in Madrid’s Prada museum, an exhibition with Joaquín Sorolla’s famous series of paintings, “Vision of Spain”, as its centerpiece has returned to Valencia.

El Encierro, one of Sorolla’s Visions of Spain

The exhibition broke attendance records the first time it was in Valencia’s Bancaja Cultural Center. I can attest to it — every day, and especially in the final weeks,the hours-long lines stretched around the block. For the show’s return, there will be 48 separate works, including a number of paintings which weren’t present before.

Sorolla is one of Valencia’s favored sons. He achieved a remarkable level of success while alive and has become even more popular since his death in 1923. He concentrated on both landscapes and social themes, and made incredible use of the naturally stunning Valencian sunlight in his paintings.

You can see the exhibition at the Bancaja Cultural Center every day from now until January 10th. That’s plenty of time, so there’s no excuse to miss the best work of Valencia’s most famous modern artist.

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  1. LaPatrii

    Great news!! I saw this exhibit At Bancaja the first time it was in Valencia and it was magnificent. So glad to hear it is back!

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