The Valencian Community Gets Yet Hotter

Hot Valencia

Levante ran an article showing that the temperature in the Valencian Community has risen for the third decade in a row.

Average Temperature in the CV, by Decade
1970s – 14.40° C (57.92° F)
1980s – 15.16° C (59.28° F)
1990s – 15.23° C (59.41° F)
2000s – 15.52° C (59.93° F … almost to 60°. Woo!)

The current weather is unseasonably warm for Christmas (apart, of course from the polar wind that blew through this week) and November was ridiculous. T-shirts and jeans on Thanksgiving Day? No problem!

Although I’m enjoying the warmth, it’s difficult to get into a festive spirit. It doesn’t help that everyone in the world is flat broke, laid off or without clients. The city has scaled back the lights this year… even the tree in the Ayuntamiento looks like it’s crying. And does anyone else detect a strong whiff of desperation in stores’ promotional displays? Please, please shop here!! We have to feed our children.

Yeah, it’s going to be the worst Christmas ever. At least we’ll be tan.

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