Museo Artista Fallero


Not to be confused with the Fallas Museum near the Ciudad de Arte y Ciencas, the Museo Artista Fallero is dedicated to the craft of the artists who create ninots. Situated in the Ciudad Fallero — the neighborhood of workshops where the most important and largest figures are built — the museum gives the visitor an overview of their design and construction.

From the sketch, to the model, to the full life figure, you see every step of the process. There are photographs of all the winning figures, and probably about 100 ninots ranging, as usual, from mawkishly sentimental to incredibly raunchy. There’s no information about the event of Fallas or its history, which is something to be aware of before going.

The best reason to visit the Ciudad Fallero is to wander around the huge workshops where the artisans are engaged in their labor. If you’re lucky, you’ll be invited in to get a sneak peek at the figures before the plantà. They’re usually working Mon-Fri, regular business hours.

The museum is open from 10-14 and 16-19 weekdays, and just 10-14 on Saturdays. It costs €3 and will take about 30 minutes to see in full.


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