The City of Arts and Sciences is almost certainly the most photographed area in Valencia. Found at the end of the Turia riverbed park, I’ve been to the CAC numerous times for jogging, sightseeing, the ATP Open 500 Tennis, the science museum, the oceanographic, and the IMAX in the Hemisferic, but for some reason, I never had a big urge to take a ton of pictures. However, yesterday’s sunset inspired me and I couldn’t hold myself back from photographing the CAC.

storm-over-valencia architecture-in-Valencia valencia-this-way abstract-calatrava Opera-Calatrava Wale-calatrava behind-the-oper-valencia

calatrava-strairs calatrava calatrava-curves calatrava-on-crack wissenschafts-stadt-valenci biking-in-Valencia ciudad-de-las-ciencias-y-ar city-of-science-and-arts-va calatrava-heaven hemisperic souvenir-valencia architect-calatrava calatrava-bridge palm-prison Calatrava-palm science-museum-valencia valencia-ufo UFO-Valencia imax-valencia valencia-spain Agora-Valencia agora-building aqua-valenciaBed and Breakfast Valencia

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"Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias / City of Arts and Sciences" was published on November 8th,2009 and is listed in Photography.

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Comments on "Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias / City of Arts and Sciences": 16 Comments

  1. monica Juan wrote,

    Very nice pictures! I might not describe better that part of the city … beautiful!

  2. urbicande wrote,

    Amazing photos!

  3. esc-berlin.com wrote,

    Wow, great pictures! Thats my city, now! I am so happy next summer I will be there. I hope it come true.

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  5. PappyPowell wrote,

    What….no pics of your ugly dog staring stupidly at the buildings or clouds? Yea, you’re right…why ruin such fantastic shots!

  6. sasa.bremec wrote,

    Mi soy enamoró de esta ciudad!!

    There is only one word to describe this city and the people who live there “fantastic”

    See you next summer.

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  16. David wrote,

    Great pictures. We visited the city of arts and sciences when we were in Valencia last year. Like a 1960’s vision of the future – fantastic. And a beautiful city too.

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