BioParc Valencia

Tomorrow, Valencia’s next great attraction is opening its doors — the BioParc. Part of a new generation of zoos, the Bioparc rejects cages in favor of natural terrain and a more immersive experience for the visitor. Lions, tigers, elephants, rhinoceroses, giraffes, and (my favorite) monkeys will be running around the park, as liberated as we can safely allow them to be.

The park will be open daily from 10 until 6pm and until 7pm on weekends. In the summer months, opening hours will be extended. Entrance costs €20 per adult, which is kind of steep… but the great thing is that a season pass costs just €40. Also, you can buy a single entrance, and then decide whether to get the season pass. As long as you keep your ticket, they will only charge you the difference.

I’m really excited about going to the park, and we might even go tomorrow on opening day, despite the crowds which will surely be gathered. Generally, I have a problem with zoos — it seems wrong to keep wild animals caged up. And in parks which attempt to replicate a natural habitat, the animals are often really difficult to find. By nature, a lion doesn’t sit there passively so that squealing children can scream “Simba!” at it.

Expect some pictures and opinions about Europe’s newest zoo to be coming soon.

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