Valencia in Statistics

Here are some random facts about Valencia and its place in the world.

Valencia is the capital of and largest city in the Valencian Community — the 4th most populous and 8th largest of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities.

The Valencian Community is split into 3 provinces, each of which share the name of their capital city: Valencia, Alicante and Castellón.

The city of Valencia is split into 19 districts, the largest & most populous of which is Quarte Carreres, on the south side.

Districts of Valencia

Valencia is the 3rd largest city in Spain and counts over 800,000 inhabitants.

It’s the 22nd biggest city in the European Union, ahead of Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Helsinki.

The accepted date of its founding is 138 BC, when it was settled by by Roman soldiers.

Its current population is relatively young; 58% are 45 years or younger. The largest age group is 30-34 (Juergen and I be representin’!)

The electorate skews conservative, and normally votes with the PP (Partido Popular).

The median temperature is 22° Celsius (72 F)

Valencia’s time zone, like the rest of Spain, is +1 GMT (6 hours ahead of America’s eastern standard time)

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  1. Mister Bigby

    Those are some pretty boring statistics…I thought you were more creative than that. Where are the murder rates? And of those, how many are attributed to the Russian mafia? I want to know about the corrupt underbelly of this ancient city on the sea. It has to exist. I want to know!

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