Valencia Prepares for Madonna

Madonna is visiting Spain for the first time in years, and has chosen Valencia as the site for one of two concerts in the country.

The village of Cheste will be receiving the Queen of Pop on September 18th, for her Sticky And Sweet tour — a highly disturbing name, considering she’s just turned 50. Now, I’m not ageist, and I’ll agree that older people have the right to be sticky and sweet, it’s just… well, I’m still having nightmares of her spandex clad thrusting performance in the Hung Up video. Terrifying. Not sweet (sticky, perhaps).

But her show is remarkable by most accounts, and if you’d like to see it you’re in luck. Tickets are still available, probably because of their steep price: be prepared to shell out €62.10 for the cheapest entry. If you’re really a Madonna freak, you can pay €230 for a VIP pass — the price includes a private party after the show and an exclusive sneak peek at Madonna’s sticky sweetness.

The show is at Cheste’s GP track, and is easily reachable from Valencia on the C-3 regional train.

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