Incredible but True – Promotional Video for Valencia

This is a pretty awesome introduction to Valencia for the uninitiated, commissioned by the Valencian Tourism Board.

But… some of the claims are a little out there. Statements about the city like “lions live in freedom” and “every street leads to the sea” are indeed incredible … but they’re sure as hell not true. I live on a small street that leads to (a) a larger street to the north, and (b) a charming plaza to the south. Walking down it, there is no danger of lion attacks.

Still, it’s a great video! It’s about time Valencia starts advertising itself more to the world! There’s an interactive website to go along with this video, too. Check it out.

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  1. Pappy Powell

    The stories are ALL True, I tell you! My wife and I currently live in Kentucky, USA, but after seeing this video, our home will be sold and we’re moving to Valencia. We will live with our son so we’ll have more money to better enjoy the wealth of fantastic sights and sounds Valencia offers!

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