Upcoming Fallas Events – March 7th

Fallas is in full swing, and this weekend will be packed with events. We’ll give you a rundown of the main events.

Saturday, March 7th

14:00 – Mascletà – Plaza del Ayuntamiento
This show will be staged by the Hermanos Caballer Pirotécnicos of Castellón — one of the most modern pyrotechnic companies in Spain. Be prepared for insanity, and show up to the Plaza early… at least 30 minutes, if the weather is nice.

18:00 – Grand Mascletà Napolitana – Playa de las Arenas
If you missed the 2pm explosions, or just have a real addiction to eardrum reverberations, don’t miss the beach mascletà down at Malvarossa in the early evening. Can anyone clue us in as to why it’s called a Napolitana mascletà?

21:00 – Initial Lighting of the Street Lights – Calle Sueca, Ruzafa
Year after year, Calle Sueca in Ruzafa boasts the most impressive street lights in Valencia during Fallas. Usually, the light installation causes huge fights between the Fallas Commissions and annoyed neighbors, but this year we’ve heard that complaints were kept to a minimum. Did the neighbors finally give up? At any rate, it’s worth heading down there for the official, first “turning on” of the lights. They’re amazing.

22:30 – Cabalgata del Ninot – Central City
This parade promises to be a lot of fun, lightly ridiculing the events and scandals of the previous year. Each of the participating Fallas commissions has a theme to their float — we’re betting la crisis will appear in at least one. This was canceled last year, due to an ETA assassination, so this year will be our first opportunity to see it!

Oh, and after the parade, there’s yet another mascletà, as if you couldn’t guess. A color one, this time.

Sunday looks like it’ll be a day of rest. Besides the requisite mascletà at 14pm, there are no major events planned. I’m relieved about it, to tell the truth. I see a 5-hour siesta on the horizon…

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