April Weather in Valencia

“Oh yeah,” we cried to our friends who’d be coming to Valencia at the beginning of April, “you can forget about packing heavy jackets… this is Valencia, silly! Super weather!”

valencia weather-1

Those visitors are currently not speaking to us, and have remained indoors and under blankets for the past 96 hours, arising only to take another depressing look at the rain from the window or to refill their tea cups.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but there’s no doubt that the weather for the past couple weeks has been piss poor. Rain, wind, chill, lightning… it’s reminding me heavily of the year we spent in Ireland! At this exact moment, it’s sunny outside, but the rain is predicted to roll back in tonight and stay all weekend… which could make the Semana Santa processions miserable.

In general, April is the rainiest month of the year until the heavy downpours of autumn begin. The last four months are by far rainier than any of the initial 8. April’s average maximum high is 20°C (68°F).

So, apologies to our guests and a word of advice to future April visitors: rain jackets and warm clothing ain’t a bad idea.

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  1. Pappy Powell

    My wife and I are planning to leave the tobacco fields of Kentucky next Monday to visit warm and sunny Valencia. Now, we are very concerned about your Irish weather, which we suffered through last year. Should we pack snowmobile coats and wool sweaters? Our first born son lives there, but he is a pathetic liar and criminal on Interpol’s Most Watched List. We are a touch skeptical about his rave reviews of your great weather. So, please help. What’s the real story? Can we expect nasty-ass storms, or a tropical paradise? Your honest feedback will be much appreciated!

  2. Sue

    That picture is really.. fascinating. Did you PS it before?

  3. valencia blog


    I made it a tiny bit darker but nothing else.

    Thank you for the comment.

  4. martin

    I am returning to Val on 19th for my birthday and to take in the match against Barca – only hot sunshine is acceptable!

  5. Anna

    This year we have postponed 2 trips to Valencia provence, after reading the l/r weather forcasts!
    Finally, we are coming over at end of April for 3 weeks.
    On past experience, we will be dressing in layers particularly zip-up sweaters. Last trip we had to go and buy padded jackets for the rain and cold – but then maybe ‘softening up’ after the lovely sunny weather we had last autumn.
    Just prepare for anything at the moment and watch the minimum temp as if this drops a lot , you will feel that bit colder at nighttime.

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