Món Orxata

If you’ve spent much time walking around Valencia, you’ll be familiar with the carts of Món Orxata, hawking delicious horchata to hot, thirsty pedestrians. They’re a mainstay of the Plaza de Ayuntamiento and can also be found at the Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias, as well as a few other places.


Recently, the company launched the world’s first online Horchata Delivery service, available from their website. Freshly made all-natural Orxata is now available throughout Spain.

Most of the orders are gifts for Valencians who currently live elsewhere and don’t have much opportunity to enjoy the famous drink — at least not one fresh from Alboraya (the birthplace of horchata). They told us that a recent order to Zaragoza had a gift note reading, “Happy Birthday Grandpa, your grandchildren from Valencia love you”.

If you’ve never sampled Horchata (or, “Orxata”, in the slightly-cooler Valencian spelling), you owe it to yourself to stop by one of the Món Orxata stands. High-quality stuff and especially delicious in the summer heat.

Until a couple years ago, Mon Orxata had been at the Mercado Colón, but that location is now under different ownership and currently known as La Casa de l’Orxata. It’s a great spot to enjoy the quintessential Valencian drink!

Món Orxata’s Website

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  1. mackers

    How much Orxata did you get for this plug? There goes your journalistic integrity 😉

  2. valencia blog

    We got nothing for this post. But we got invited to go to their factory to take some picutres. So that’s pretty exciting.

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