Welcome the Fallera Mayor of 2010!

More pictures of the Fallera Mayor 2010 here!

We’re more than a few days late on this news, but no bother — we’ll have a whole year to get to know María Pilar Giménez and Ariadna Galán: the new Fallera Mayor and Fallera Mayor Infantil of Valencia.

First thought: Ariadna has a name that is just begging to be misspelled.

María Pilar represents the Fallera commission of Santa Cruz, and is a 21 year-old student of Negotiation and Public Administration. And, of course, is a hottie. Congratulations to both girls! Get ready for a lot of appearances on this blog.

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  1. Piet

    Funny to see that on your Lists feature Ariadna was not featured 🙂

    A hottie indeed!

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