Valencian Vocab: Parany

Parany is a curious word I’ve been seeing a lot of in the Valencian press lately, usually appearing alongside words like “protest”, “anger”, and “controversy”. And “killing”. Naturally, I was curious.

Parany is a form of hunting song birds, described here by

The Parany trapping technique involves the planting and cultivation of high stands of trees (mostly enclosed on private property), interlaced with poles to which sticks impregnated with glue or lime are attached. The migrant song birds are attracted to the tree groups as ideal night roosts. To ensure a high catch illegal electronic lures are also employed. The plumage of the birds settling on the sticks becomes glued together and the birds fall helpless to the ground. There they are collected by the trapper who kills them – often by crushing the bird’s skull between thumb and fingers.

Keep in mind, this information comes from a site dedicated to banning the practice, and might not be the most objective summary. The last sentence is particularly manipulative. Who wouldn’t be against crushing birdy skulls by hand?!

The Valencian government recently legalized parany, to the elation of “hunters” throughout the Comunidad. But their joy was short-lived, as the national government stepped in and banned it again, three months later.

We don’t know enough about parany to weigh in either way. Honestly, skull-crushing seems like a painless way to die, but if it’s endangering entire species, it should probably be stopped. Leave a comment and let us know your opinions on this controversial topic!

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  1. james

    wow, that just sounds nasty. I don’t want to be political but the conservatives who run Valencia are standard bearers for whatever crazy conservative cause that comes down the pipe. I mean teach only in Valencian while crushing skulls isn’t mainstream anywhere. haha

  2. Pappy Powell

    Surely you’re kidding. Are there no more urgent problems in Valencia or Spain to address than getting a bad case of panty twist over some stupid birds. This sounds like the latest attention-grabbing “outrage” here in Kentucky over cock fighting. Fortunately, an unnamed, face and location hidden spokeman cleared the air….”Hey, y’all, what da hell ? They ain’t animals…only 2 legged fowl, born to fight !” So…..stop all the fuss

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