Paseo de las Rocas 2010

Crazy weather tried, but wasn’t able to totally dampen the Corpus Christi festivities this year, and we made sure to show up for at the Palacio Arzobispal for the Paseo de las Rocas.

Close your eyes, and imagine a magical land called Pony Paradise, where diminutive horses are fed sugared hay on cotton candy sticks, and get deep horse-muscle massages from enslaved jockey midgets.

Corpus Christi 2010

Now open your eyes again, because the Paseo de las Rocas is the exact opposite of Pony Paradise. It is HORSEY HELL. At the Palacio Arzobispal, the smallest horses are selected to drag the mammoth Rocas up the hill. Fat, sadistic Valencians “encourage” them with vicious stick beatings, laughing as the ponies bray and buckle under the weight, sometimes collapsing onto their knees.

Naturally, it’s one of my favorite events! I always make sure to show up early, to jeer at the stupid ponies and take pictures of their hilarious suffering. Hey now don’t look at me that way, my family was slaughtered by a wild band of crazy horses. They are my enemies.

Valencia Guards
Corpus 2010
Rocas Valencia
Paseo Rocas
Giant Corpus Christi
Corpus Giants
Waiting for NIE
Apple Dance
Moma 2010

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  1. adomon

    Noboby can equal the quality of @ValenciaBlog pics ;-p

  2. Pappy Powell

    It must be World Cup time. You seem to be getting prepped for the onslaught of crazy people. Please stay away from the World Equestrian Games. It’s more likely your parents jumped in front of a herd of wild horses to end their suffering !

  3. Tiffany

    Any brilliant ideas how I can go next year, get photos of the water fight at the parade and NOT have two buckets of water dumped over me and my camera? Crazy, crazy parade. Love it, but my camera doesn’t as much.

  4. valencia blog

    Haha .. Tiffany! I braved it last year. My tip is put a plastic bag at least over the body of your camera and always keep an eye on the things going on above you.

    Just let your “wet?” camera dry outside but not in direct sunlight and don’t turn it on unless totally dried.

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