Where Oh Where Will I Watch the World Cup?!

I know. Usually, we try and provide you with information about the city. But this time, I’m stuck. The World Cup begins tomorrow and I have no idea where to watch it!

When we lived in Berlin, every bar had huge screen televisions set up outside, on street corners or in makeshift gardens. The city had set up gigantic screens in the public gardens. There were hundreds of awesome places to catch a game, in every neighborhood. But here in Valencia? I’m not sure!

I don’t necessarily mind watching the games on a small TV, but preferable would be a BIG screen, with seating outside. Do any of our readers have a suggestion?

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  1. VaRyAmO

    Yelmo Cines -> Centro Comercial Bonaire (Aldaia)
    Kinepolis -> Heron City (Paterna)

  2. VaRyAmO

    Sorry i made a mistake, Cinesa is at C.C. Bonaire, not Yelmo.

  3. Lee

    “Afterwork” at 9, Calle Murillo (the street behind Calle Quart) has just had a new projector TV installed & is showing most of the World Cup games…

  4. valencia blog

    Lee – Thank you! Funny we used to live right acress from Afterwork – so we might swing by there once or twice.

  5. Czu

    amsteleria en paseo de las facultades

  6. Helen Davison

    Hi, I’m looking for an outdoor venue so the whole family can watch the games. Does anybody know of a place?

  7. Lee

    Update: I think Afterwork is only showing the terrestrial TV games – not the ones on Canal+ (though I think they have GolTV). The England/USA game is on in there tonight.

    I read today that the following places all have big screen TVs – I’ve not checked them out myself though…

    Finnegans, Plaza de la Reina
    Guiness House, Plaza del Patriarca
    Max Max, C/ Vinalopo
    Portland Ale House, C/ Salamanca
    Sally O’Briens, Av. Aragon
    Sherlock Holmes, Plaza Manises
    Sol i Luna, C/ del Mar
    St. Patricks, GV Marques del Turia

  8. valencia blog

    We went to Portland last night and it was an excellent choice! Great vibe and crowd.

    We might going to try the Guiness House – I think they have a screen so you can watch it from the terrace but I’m not sure about the audio.

    Thank you for the update Lee.

  9. Vuchuu

    I was yesterday at the Guinness House in Plaza del Patriarca watching Argentina-Nigeria and I didn’t see any big screen TV. Maybe the didn’t install it yet?

    I’ll be watching all 13:30 and 16:00 games at Max Max since it’s 2 min away from my office and has a big screen and probably will choose St. Patricks for the 20:00 ones. I’ve never been to Portland, is the crowd better there?

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