Loquo – Spanish Craigslist

Update: Loquo is no longer active.

Craigslist is an insanely useful resource for anyone who lives in a decent-sized American city. Their international listings, though, can be a little lacking. Luckily, there is Loquo – a very similar site.

If you’re familiar with Craigslist, you’ll instantly be comfortable with Loquo, as the layout and navigation is almost identical. It serves a few different cities around Spain, and the Valencian version is popular enough to be truly useful. I put up a request for a Spanish-English language exchange, and within 24 hours had about 8 responses (shout out to Iván).

Of course, tricksters abound on the site, and you should definitely approach great offers with caution. There are a lot of “dream” apartments offered for a very small amount of money — which of course, you have to wire beforehand. But, if you’re looking for a used bike, or a way to meet people, Loquo is a great resource.

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