Traditional Valencian Dance


Last Sunday at noon, we stumbled unexpectedly onto a traditional Valencian dance in the Plaza de la Virgen.

The show began with a small marching band, who did a loop around the plaza and punished onlookers with a noise that sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks singing in Chinese.


Then the dancers, decked out in traditional gear, took the stage with castanets in hand and lively music on a loudspeaker. They were mostly women, but a couple brave guys also took part. The dance was simple, but nice, and it was fun to finally see castanets in action. Castanets are bad-ass.

The dance was part of a festival which lasts until May 4th. Every Sunday at noon, you’ll have another chance to see a show in the Plaza de la Virgen. The festival is organized by the Junta Central Fallera, which apparently has not decided to rest after Las Fallas 2008. Indeed, their calendar of events is just as full as ever.

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  1. Pablo Pappy

    Hold on here, Hombres. This simple Spanish folk dance looked very similar to some Irish favorites. In fact, I know I’ve seen these moves in the boring parts of River Dance. What da hell? Is this just another cultural feature stolen from the Poor Gaelic Potato Stompers?

  2. Chris

    Castanets are bad-ass!!!!111111111111

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