Observatori 2008

Rain getting you down? Watching the European Championship in a smoky bar not sufficiently cutting edge? Then, head down to the Observatori 2008: a festival running in the heart of El Carmen:

Observatori is an international festival of contemporary art, running since 2000, programming diverse artists and projects across different art forms. This year, the programme includes three components: the exhibition After the Net curated by KURATOR for La Agencia, performances About Blank, and media workshops run by students from MA Visual Arts and Multimedia programme at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia. (http://www.observatori.com/)

There is an ongoing exhibit called “After the Net”, as well as a series of experimental noise concerts on the 14th and 21st of June (Saturdays). The exhibition is free, and looks as though it contains an interesting collection of tech-based projects, which focus on social networking and online interaction. logo_wiki by Wayne Clements demonstrates in real-time how government and corporate interests are responsible for thousands of anonymous updates to Wiki pages. Creepy This is Something That We Find Very Nice Thank You Coprorations (edited 13:39:42 by brother@ibm.com).

The festival runs until June 29th at the Centro del Carmen.

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