Our Favorite Pizza in Valencia: Endavant

Our former landlord told us about this tiny pizza place behind the Cathedral, which fits maybe 20 people.

The space is small, and the oven is right behind that counter – so it can get pretty warm and smoky during the summer. Why do we like Endavant, then? Well, the only thing better than their pizza is the price.

Don’t miss the cheese fondue as a starter – so yummy, so cheesy, so sinful. Endavant is the perfect place for a small group to start a fun night out. If there’s no free tables, you can also call in, pick up your pizza and make the short stroll over to the Turia riverbed.

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  1. Sue

    You are so right the food looked so sinful :))))))
    can they understand English btw?

  2. valencia blog

    Hello Sue,

    a sin you shouldn’t hold back from, hehe

    Not sure how their English are but they are super friendly and helpful. They will try their hardest.

  3. andreina vitto

    Which their schedule ? we call but they never answer we call during the day

  4. valencia blog

    Hello Andreina,

    They are closed during the day but are open around 7pm and start serving dinner around 9pm. It could be too that are closed for the month of August. So if you are at Plaza de la Reina or Virgin just walk by and check if there is some sort of sign.

  5. andreina vitto

    thanks so much ! for the info . It is very helpfull

  6. Xavy

    trato horrible, el camarero está en la parra, no se acuerda de lo que pides y además, se equivoca. No me imagino cuando el bar esté lleno!!! además va de gracioso y no tiene ninguna gracia.
    carta escasísima, los ingredientes de las pizzas hay que buscarlos con lupa. si,son baratas,pero incluso prefiero pagar un poco más y tener ingredientes de calidad y más abundancia. Me pedí una de salami en mi primera vez y estaba horrible el salami,sabia a grasa de cerdo. Mi segunda vez una vegetal y, por dios, es verdura congelada o insulsa!! Lo único aceptable es la masa de la pizza, si es que no te la taren quemada, clara, porque…..alguna
    salió con los bordes muy quemados.

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