13th Annual Kite Competition in Valencia

Hey you, there! Yeah, you with the “I Love Kites” shirt on. Yes, you! You, who’s wearing the “Krazy 4 Kites” ball cap! I’ve got some news that is going to blow your freaking mind!

Whoa, stop screaming! I haven’t even told you the news yet!! (You kite people are some serious nutters).

Okay, get ready: The 13th Annual Kite Competition is taking place this weekend at the Malvarossa beach. Okay, now you can scream.


It should be a sunny, warm weekend for the festival, which we dropped by on last year. The schedule of events includes kites, kites and more kites. Dragon kites. Funny shaped kites. Whirly kites. You get the idea, rights?

(Geez this dude hasn’t stopped screaming since I told him the news. He’s starting to make me nervous. His face is all red, and I’m not sure he’s even breathing. And the spinning around in a circle, flapping the arms… that’s just weird.)

The festival runs from Friday to Sunday, with the main activities on the 10th and 11th, from 10 to 18:30h. I know at least one guy who’ll be there!

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